About Us

The whole purpose of Sugar House Vision Eyeglass Store is to make good quality eyeglasses at a greatly reduced price, with the convenience of online shopping. Our frame and lenses are the exact ones you would get at the that big-box retailer.

This website is part of Sugar House Vision, which is an optometry practice that has been servicing the Salt Lake City, UT market since 1952. Our staff is made up of optical industry professionals that have many years of experience. Our team of eye care professionals will follow the process of making and inspecting your glasses through every step to insure you get the right prescription and a good fit.

We are an eyeglass website offering an extensive range of high quality, affordable frame and lens packages. Our site offers budget conscious and style savvy consumers (like you) a fast and simple way to browse an extensive online catalog of eyeglass frames. And you can shop from the convenience of your own home with glasses that are guaranteed!

If you need an eye exam and live in the Slat Lake City area, we would be happy to schedule an exam. Simply visit our office website and schedule an appointment.

Questions? Call us at 801.484.2020

Or email us at [email protected]

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